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Our Library

Our library is open-sourced and contains a growing collection of stories written by kids from many cultures and languages worldwide. Download their books, enjoy and learn!


Write Our World has been pleased to offer intergenerational ebook creation workshops in partnership with Crawford Community Center in Aurora, Colorado since spring 2016. These books were produced as a part of a family and community engagement project with refugee students and their parents. Parents were asked to share their educational experiences and dreams for their children while learning about American schools and how to support their children’s success.

These books were created through a collaboration between Children’s Future International and Write Our World that was funded by the Posner Center for International Development. During the CFI Learning Center’s Fun Season in September 2016, children aged 11-18 worked together to author ebooks in Khmer and English about aspects of their culture or people they consider leaders in their lives. Expect to see more titles emerge from Battambang soon!

These books were created by students whose families come from Mexico and Mali at Place Bridge Academy in Denver during an after school enrichment program.

This book was created in partnership with Denver University’s Bridge Project. Kindergarten and first grade participants worked together to create an ebook about animals in three languages- Swahili, Maay Maay Somali and English.

These books were created in partnership with Denver University’s Bridge Project. Middle School students whose families came from Gabon, Mexico, Thailand, Vietnam and Spain created these.

When I Came to Denver

These books were created by children from Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala who are participants in a program called Fotokids. The books are products of a study about the uses of native plants. They are written in Tzutujil, Spanish and English.

These books were created by high school students in Todos Santos Cuchumatan in northwestern Guatemala. In groups of three, they chose an element of their culture they would like to share, made a plan, then went all over town taking photos, then reconvened to write text and record sound. They were extremely excited with their final products and the potential of publishing them online.

This book was created collaboratively by the entire 6th grade class at a rural primary school just outside of Todos Santos. Students were thrilled to use an iPad and to see the photos of their school.

These books were created by students at a new secondary school in the remote community of Seacacar in eastern Guatemala in partnership withRios Guatemala. These authors were not aware of the internet and had seen few books in their lives. They loved learning to use the iPad and having the opportunity to make something that told the story of their culture and where they live.

These books were made by Brazilian high school students through collaboration with American Community College students participating in a language and cultural exchange program: Conexao Mundo/ Brazil Connect. 

Merrill Middle School serves children from many different countries who have recently arrived in the United States. Write Our World piloted its new Cultural Storytelling curriculum with four English Language Development classes.


Ebook authoring is an exciting endeavor that involves planning, writing, revision, translation, illustration, page design and oral recording. Students of all ages can experience the rewards of completing this project individually, in partners, or as a whole class! As a library member, you can help your students publish on their own.

What are the requirements for books?

The Write Our World library exists to help kids learn from each other. All books are created by young people and have a focus on culture and language. They are also written and recorded in at least two languages, one of which is English. Any genre is welcome, but content should be appropriate for children.

How do we make them?

Write Our World books are in the form of ePub files. These can be created in many different ways. Our favorite app is Book Creator, because it is easy and engaging for students and integrates audio as well as video, and has many more exciting features. It is available on iPad, Android and Windows PC. Other options for different devices can be found here: Please feel free to contact us to discuss alternatives.

How do we submit them?

The easiest way is by sharing them with us through Google Drive at along with an email to the same address that provides context for the book. Explain a bit about your school or organization, where you’re from, and the nature of the project.

If you have questions or concerns or would like further support, please contact