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Look like fun? Let us bring our expertise to you and your school!

eBook Creation Builds 21st Century Skills

Critical Thinking – Communication – Collaboration – Creativity

Our team can bring ebook creation workshops, professional development and custom collaborations to your school.

eBook Creation Workshop  

Planning, writing, translating and illustrating an original ebook builds literacy skills in two languages, offers an empowering opportunity for self-expression and connects kids to the global community. Let us guide your students on this exciting journey and give them access to other ebooks created by kids from around the world.

Professional Development – Ebook Creation and Library Engagement

Do you want to bring your school into the 21st Century? Do you have technology but want to broaden your repertoire of innovative ways to use it in the classroom? Our team can work with your faculty to integrate Write Our World into their classes. This unique educational resource deepens the study of Literacy, World Language, English Language Development, Geography, Art, Social Studies, Technology and more!

Collaborative Project  

We know the best way to learn about other cultures is by building relationships. Let us connect your students with students from a different culture. Together, they will conduct a course of inquiry then co-create ebooks to be featured in our library. What better way to foster cross-cultural understanding in our increasingly interconnected world?

For more information, contact julie@writeourworld.org