We engage partners all over the world to read and publish to our multicultural library.

Guatemala – July 2015

Guatemala is home to speakers of 22 Mayan languages. While change is happening, many traditional cultural practices remain intact. Write Our World visited three communities, each in different parts of the country, each representing a different Mayan culture.

North of Lake Izabal, a tiny Q’eqchi village called Seacacar is nestled in the spectacular Boqueron Canyon of the Rio Sauce. Rios Guatemala is developing offering opportunities for its people, including this partnership to create original ebooks. 

Fotokids works with Guatemalan children to breaking the cycle of poverty through training in visual arts and technology. Tzutujil children published two beautiful ebooks that feature original photography and information about their native plants.

Finally, Write Our World worked with students in a bilingual high school in the town of Todos Santos Cuchumatan in the northwestern highlands. These students created five gorgeous books about their culture in Mam and Spanish with the help of their community.

Enjoy one of these beautiful books about Traditional Weaving below.

Partners: Rios Guatemala, Fotokids

Funded by: Friends of Write Our World

 Cambodia – September 2016

Children’s Future International is a fantastic organization providing hundreds of marginalized children in Battambang, Cambodia with cutting edge social work and educational services. Write Our World visited the Learning Center and delivered professional development to teachers on 21st Century teaching strategies and co-facilitated an ebook creation workshop. Twenty 13-18 year old students created 10 beautiful ebooks in Khmer and English, all of which are featured in our library. They intend to continue writing and publishing Write Our World books.

Enjoy one about the Cambodian Flag below.

Partner: Children’s Future International

Funded by: Posner Center for International Development

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Immigrant and Refugee Families in Aurora, Colorado – 2016-2017 (ongoing)

Crawford Community Center serves the immigrant and refugee families of Aurora, Colorado whose children attend Crawford Elementary School. In the spring of 2016, they provided a cultural storytelling program for students and their parents whose families came from Somalia. They worked with an interpreter to write and illustrate stories about their culture in Somali and English. In this way, the school welcomed parents and helped them understand how to support their children in an American school. At the same time, parents and children spent time together sharing stories and engaging in a creative project that builds biliteracy. In the fall of 2016, Nepali families engaged in the same project and in the spring of 2017, families who speak Spanish will be offered this opportunity. The school administration is using these books to help teachers learn more about the populations they serve.

Enjoy the book below about a Somali-American student’s nomadic mother.

Partner: Crawford Community Center

Funded by: Aurora Public Schools 

Inquiry into Islam – 2016-2017 academic year

The Inquiry into Islam project aims to dispel the myths that surround the Muslim community. By giving youth the opportunity to connect with one another and discover commonalities, Write Our World endeavors to break down walls of intolerance and build bridges of understanding and respect. Young Muslim people are learning through faith-based learning institutions what it means to embrace their faith and explore their values in the face of prejudice and anti-Muslim rhetoric surfacing in today’s political landscape. This project helps young people to express their own experiences, values, ideas and beliefs and to share a different voice than the media has given to their community as a whole through the creation of ebooks that reflect their personal stories and cultural traditions. In turn, this project grants library members an opportunity to build their own rich understanding of Islam developed through reading and engaging with authentic material.

Read one of the books below the shares the story of one girl’s life through original artwork and poetry.

Partners: Crescent View Academy, Masjid Ikhlas, Jaffari Islamic School, Bradford Intermediate School

Funded by: Laura Musser FundDenver Office for Immigrant and Refugee Affairs 



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Inquiry into Islam

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