It’s the end of the year and time to do some giving!

What we’re doing:

Write Our World is  running it’s End of Year Campaign with the goal of raising $5000 by December 31, 2017 toward funding our multilingual ebook creation trainings in classrooms in Colorado and around the world. As of December 10th, we’re halfway there!

Where you come in:

  1. Choose a Write Our World ebook (or several) to share! This is our way of saying THANK YOU, and we hope that you’ll find it to be the perfect holiday gift for someone in your life: low-fuss, high-impact, and a tangible example of what your dollars are making possible. Browse the ebooks below and make your selection(s)! (Okay, NOW you can click “Pay Now”!)

2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to make your PayPal donation.

3. Spread the word! Whether it’s through Facebook, Twitter, or a Real Live Human-To-Human Conversation, let the people around you know that you’re supporting multilingual literacy with Write Our World, and that they can too!

The Weaving of Todos Santos Cuchumatan

This beautiful book explains the traditional process of dyeing and weaving as it is still done in Todos Santos Cuchumatan. It is written and recorded by three high school students in Mam, Spanish and English.

Celebrating Christmas

This is the funny story of a Mexican American girl’s favorite Christmas with her family. It is written and recorded in Spanish and English by a student at Place Bridge Academy in Denver, Colorado.

Crazy Giraffe, Crazy Giraffe, What Do You See?

This book is based on the popular book Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? by Eric Carle. It was written, illustrated and recorded by 8 children in Swahili, Maay, Oromo, Somali and English at The Bridge Project in Denver, Colorado.

Growing Up in Dayuuna

This refugee girl’s story is about her mother’s life as a nomad in Somalia, written and recorded in English and Somali. It was created in an intergenerational storytelling project at Crawford Elementary School in Aurora, Colorado.

Anansi the Spider

This book tells a famous traditional myth about a clever spider, as told by a Malian American girl who attends Place Bridge Academy in Denver, Colorado. The book is written and recorded in French and English.

Respecting the Flag in Cambodia

This book describes the importance of the Cambodian flag to its people and the procedure of flag raising. It is written and recorded in Khmer and English by two students at Children’s Future International in Battambang, Cambodia.

The Houses of Seacacar

This book describes the traditional Mayan houses in the village of Seacacar in eastern Guatemala. It is written and recorded in Q’eckchi, Spanish and English by students at a partner school of Ak’Tenamit developed by Rios Guatemala.

Childhood in Bhutan

A young refugee girl resettled in the United States from Nepal writes about her grandmother’s life in Bhutan. It is written and recorded bilingually in Nepali and English by a student at Crawford Elementary School in Aurora, Colorado.

Here’s the fun part – choosing a gift! Please browse this sampling of books from our library and gift them for the holidays. You have probably just come from our Facebook Fundraiser where your gift is being matched today, so no additional contribution necessary.

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