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Explore our growing inventory of multicultural ebooks created by kids for kids. You can read and listen in two languages!


Your students can be published authors, too! Stay tuned for our Cultural Storytelling curriculum aligned with Common Core, WIDA, ISTE, and 21st Century Skills to be released soon.


Collaborating with others in the process of book creation builds cross-cultural relationships. Please contact us if you are interested!

Keeping Culture and Language Alive

Write Our World is a new non-profit social enterprise that offers a unique educational resource to students and teachers worldwide. Our digital library features multicultural ebooks that are authored and illustrated by kids from around the globe. These books share aspects of the authors’ lives and their cultures and are both written and orally recorded bilingually.

We will soon offer a variety of pathways for teachers to use in their classrooms. Add yourself to our mailing list below so your students can be among the first to join this innovative literary community!

“Their motivation was high! The majority of writing in schools today is so dry and scripted. Write Our World provides a unique opportunity that is exciting and engaging because it combines multiple means of expression that is not tapped through Common Core education.”

Mr. Fairbairn
English Language Development Teacher - USA

“I liked making stories on the iPad because the people who read it will know what people in my country celebrate.”


Student, USA

“It was great to see students who speak the same language helping each other. My students liked the opportunity to speak their language. It gave them a sense of pride and accomplishment.”

Ms. Miller
English Language Development Teacher - USA

“I am proud of my book about roast brohok. I think it will be famous!”

Student - Cambodia

“My students loved doing this. Helping students develop a sense of identity is essential to academic learning. They need to be confident in who they are in order to meaningfully participate in a class.”

Ms. Tennyson
English Language Development Teacher - USA

“Next time, I want to write a book about traditional dancing!”

Student - Cambodia

"This project benefitted me a lot. I learned many new teaching methodologies that I can apply in class like letting students make a story in their own language then translate to English. I understand more about what students want and what they like. I feel very happy to teach my students when they seem so hungry to learn like this."

Teacher Sakara
Teacher - Cambodia

"It's really interesting! We can share our culture, stories and ideas with people we have never known. My students are really proud to share their ideas and I'm happy that I could see them become brave and independent like this."

Teacher Chenda
Teacher - Cambodia

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